User Manuals Frustrate Employees - We Fixed it!

With Happit employees understand any software instantly. See below how.

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What is Happit

Employee software training
Happit is a layer on top of your application that lets employees learn in their own context
Create training content
Administrators can easily create user manuals, distribute content to anyone in the organization in seconds and see reports of usage
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Just switch Happit on and let the technology teach you when you need it
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What our customers say

"With the help of Happit we had no difficulties introducing the new process to our employees. We are now planning to extend Happit to the whole intranet."

Jukka Moisanen CIO, Energy Authority, Finland

"Happit is fantastic! We do not only receive less support tickets but also have very happy end customers of our rather complex management system. "

René de Senarclen, Senior Project Manager, Social Department / City of Zurich